Below are some samplings of Ilan’s work. If you want to read more, reach out here.


CHURCH & STATE – An American President suffers a crisis of faith that brings him to Islam and changes the religious shape of the Western World.

GODSEND – In a world where religion is outlawed, two anti-faith agents investigate a new religion that shakes the foundation of who they are and what they believe.

SUNSETTERS – In 2010, inheritance taxes were briefly erased by a Sunset Provision, inspiring family members everywhere to kill each other for tax-free cash. In New York City, one hitman’s never been busier.

THE ARK –  In a post-singularity world in which man has shed their skin to form a unified consciousness — a hivemind — one last colony of men revolts to save humanity’s soul.

RECRUIT – A Muslim American student at an Ivy League School finds herself ensnared in a campus-wide conspiracy when she’s recruited by her professor to infiltrate ISIS.


THE SENTRY – After his best friend dies guarding a base in the Afghan mountains, an American soldier takes his place in the same outpost, looking for answers. Instead, he uncovers an ancient and horrifying secret.

FATHERLANDIn 1960 Argentina, a young German woman tracks down her long-lost father, only to discover that he’s a former high-ranking Nazi officer. What does that make her? Written with Ryan Lee.

FINAL APPROACH – After her son is kidnapped, a TSA agent is forced to help revenge-bent terrorists break into the airport. But when she discovers their plan — the largest attack since 9/11 — she must decide: save her son or the people she’s sworn to protect?

ZERO DAYS – An unstable U.S. cyber-security expert and a secretive Mossad agent join forces to carry out the largest cyber attack in history. Their target: Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. Inspired by a true story. Script Pipeline Finalist. 

SAUL – After Saul is anointed the first King of Israel, he faces bloodthirsty enemies on the battlefield, his own inner demons and, most terrifying of all, the wrath of God. Based on the Books of Samuel.

SON OF GAZA – After the son of the Foreign Minister goes missing in Gaza City, Hamas investigator Khalid Amri must find the boy before all of Gaza burns. Winner of USC’s John Kearney Sandifer Memorial Cinema Scholarship.


Masa: Stories of a Lone Soldier – Based on Ilan Benjamin’s real life experiences serving in a combat unit in the Israel Defense Forces, Masa depicts the journey from ordinary American Jew to war-torn Israeli soldier through a series of interconnected short stories.