Soldier + Author

Raised $5000 on Kickstarter to self-publish novel of short stories based on real-life experiences in the Israel Defense Forces. Toured the book, speaking in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Jerusalem.

Secretly filmed a documentary series during combat service, interviewing Israeli soldiers about their ups and downs. Mostly, their downs.

Winner of Reality Ends Here Perspective Award.


Guerilla Filmmaker

USC Screenwriter

While studying at the University of Southern California, wrote multiple award-winning feature film & television screenplays including this detective noir set in the Gaza Strip. 


Recipient of the John Kearney Sandifer Memorial Cinema Scholarship.


GIF Remixer

With the help of the internet, edited a music video entirely out of gifs. A viral experiment that led to producing more mind-bending content.

500,000+ views online and featured on Gizmodo. 



Creator of Viral Interactive Series

Created the first-ever interactive murder mystery digital series. Three episodes, hundreds of choices, and one killer that you must find or die trying. Wrote, executive produced, and worked hand in hand with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's New Form Digital. 

A viral sensation, garnering millions of views online, reviews by YouTubers including PewDePie (before his weird racist rants), and winner of the Caucus Television / New Media Award. 


Immersive Storyteller

Hollywood Multi-Hyphenate

Worked on two seasons of hit TV series, editing every document created by the writers, liaising between Warner Bros. & FOX, and pitching action scenes that made it to the screen.


New Media Mercenary

The first staff writer for a Berlin-based start-up, adapting algorithm-selected novels into an immersive app for the Snapchat generation. Wrote over 250+ episodes, led a team of international writers, and produced the hit series The Millennium Wolves, which grossed $1,000,000 in six months. 

As of recently, #13 in Books in the US App Store.

unnamed (1).jpg

Produced VR experiences 

with JAUNT XR, featured at Sundance. 


Signed a development deal with Project Greenlight Digital.


Continued to produce original interactive and digital content for Hollywood studios, European & Israeli start-ups.


Extended Reality Founder

Founded an entertainment start-up based in Berlin, breaking the fourth wall between app and audience. 

First prototype, coming soon...

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